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Frequently Asked Questions

1. The trouser of my choice / I am looking for is sold out. How long will it take for you to restock?
For an up-to-date answer, please mail us at If you are interested when the new stock is put on our site, you can join our mailing list on this site.

2. This is the first time that I order. Which size should I order?
Please consult our measure tables. You will find it at the appointed shop on the website, below the question mark, next to option “choose size”. Whenever items are a tight or a loose fit it is indicated at the shop.

3. Can I change the trouser when I have ordered the wrong size?
For this information you need to consult our information page. This page provides the information and the procedure pertaining to changing merchandise.

4. I would like to receive a picture of the trouser because I do not know what it looks like?
Pictures of the original trousers can be viewed at our trouser gallery.

5. What is the normal procedure of ordering?
Fill in your order by using the step by step system on the site. After filling in your items you will receive a confirmation of your order and bank information. After we have received your payment we will sent you the clothes within two workdays.

6. I have a complicated and sizable order and would appreciate some advice. Is this possible?
Please mail your question to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

7. According to the track&trace system on the site my order has been sent and delivered, however I have not yet received it. What to do?
Please contact us at and we will investigate.

8. What are the instructions for washing Afro Bahia clothes?
Always wash the clothes inside out and not above 40 degrees. The use of a dryer won’t harm the clothes, but do not iron the clothes or the printed items.

9. I own a shop and would like to add the clothes of Afro Bahia to my current collection?
Yes that is possible. Please contact us by sending a mail to We will contact you as soon as possible.

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