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AFRO BAHIA - The Original Brand

Comfortable and multi-useable. The original street capoeira trousers of AFRO BAHIA based on the original fight-dance trousers have become very popular as leisure wear, at home, city walking, on the beach and of course for exercise. The fabric breathes and is highly comfortable: no sweaty legs when exercising.

Our site makes it easy to choose from a range of over hundred different colour schemes. Many of our models are produced in limited editions to make sure that your look remains your look only!

Capoeira is a Brazilian fight-dance and is a direct descendant of African slavery. It was created and developed by slaves who brought it to Brazil. Capoeira is not just about fighting, it is also seen as a folk dance, martial arts, acrobatics and music. There is no such thing as capoeira without music. Traditional capoeira instruments such as Berimbau, Pandeiro, Attabaque, Agogo and Hongas are used to accompany the dancing.

The slaves used capoeira as a means of self defence. Since the slave-masters did not allow any kind of martial art, the slaves disguised capoeira as an innocent-looking recreational dance based on traditional African rituals. This way they were able to train both body and mind. In the 17th century escaped slaves discovered a hiding place (Quilombos) were they further developed capoeira. Eventually, they would start a war against their colonial masters from here. Capoeira became more than just mock fights. It inspired the slaves to further develop moves that combine both elements of attack and defense. It enabled them to lure the enemy into desolate areas where they could attack them.

For more information about our street capoeira trousers please check also our pages: Information and FAQ.

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